Saturday 29 / 4 / 2017 | 05:02

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Daesh appoints a new governor of the so called ‘Wilayat Al-Furat’

  Daesh replaced the Wali (governor) of Wilayat Al-Furat, Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Iraqi, with ‘Abu Hussein Al-Iraqi.  Abu Hussein is an Iraqi born in the city of Al-Falujah. Following his appointement as the new governor of the Wilayat Al-Furat, he issued an amnesty on prisoners and exempted families r...
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The Syrians in the Turkish city of Urfa… continuous severe suffering

Most of the Syrians residing in Turkey, particularly in Urfa, are living from hand to mouth. They are dependent on relief aid since only a minority of them are employed. The Turkish authority has given them a card by which they can benefit from the aid. However, the authority is now studying the conditi...
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