Wednesday 19 / 9 / 2018 | 13:57

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The International Coalition Mobilizes Its Forces As Preparation For The Offensive To Capture The Last Daesh Stronghold In Deir Ezzor


The coalition is mobilizing its forces as part of  its preparation for the offensive to capture last Daesh-held pocket in Deir Ezzor. The battle for the last pocket might last from two to three months, according to the Pentagon spokesperson.


A D24 corresepondent said that the coalition had deployed new reinforcements to SDF-held areas in Al-Husseiniyah town, the northern countcorrespondent Ezzor. It had also brought it military equipment to SDF-held areas from the Fish Khabur border crossing with Iraq.

The spokesperson said that the battle for Hajin town will obliterate Daesh presence in Syria, adding that the battle will be surely aggressive for more than 1000 Daesh fighters are still entrenched in it.