Drums of war in Deir Ezzor without a battle

The scene in the province of Deir Ezzorr over the past period is a large amount of speculation about the occurrence of a direct clash expected between the poles of the world (America – Russia) in Deir Ezzor.
Both America and Russia shared the “cake” in the province of Deir Ezzor by controlling it in parallel and coordinating the attacking forces.

Assad’s forces and the Iranian-backed sectarian militias took control of Russia on the southern bank of Deir Ezzor and some villages on the other side of the border.

Since that date, the border between the forces controlling the province of Deir Ezzor has been demarcated and the military confrontations between the two teams have been confined to pulse-based maneuvers and indirect messages.

The United States has strengthened the Al-Tanf base, which is one of the largest American bases in the Syrian desert, with 200 American soldiers, according to information published by Al-Badia 24, in addition to sending military bases from its bases on the island. As well as the intensification of the international air force flights in the eastern part of Deir Ezzor.

On the other hand, the Assad forces and the allied militias reinforced their contact points with the Syrian Democratic Forces in Khasham and the Al-Salihia village. The activists reported that the Assad forces carried out a campaign of arrests of civilians inside Deir Ezzor neighborhoods and were taken to Al-Mayadeen and Al- In addition to changing the positions of heavy weapons and moving it from the city of Mayadim to Salhiyya and Murtat (areas closest to the lines of contact with the Syrian Democratic Forces).

This mobilization preceded the American escalation during the second month of February this year when the coalition aircraft bombed a convoy of the Assad forces, including a number of Russian soldiers during the attempt to progress towards the gas field Koneko, which is controlled by “Qd” The incident left the killing of more than 120 elements of Assad’s forces and their militias, including a number of Russian soldiers.

This tension comes in light of the unwillingness of the two parties to the international conflict to fight a real war on the ground for many reasons related to the global balance and the global economy and the absence of a ground ready for a global war may be expensive for all parties so it is unlikely to direct war between them and remains the most likely if Saddam Hussein that Will be with local and regional forces, one of which is Iran and the Assad regime, while the other side will be local forces supported by the United States and regional and Arab countries.

In this context, says military analyst Abdel Nasser al-Ayed:

The United States does not intend to wage any battle with the Russians in Deir Ezzor and America is doing the process of establishing the border with the Assad forces and behind it Russia and Iran and sending messages to Russia that the American presence in Deir al-Azur exists and will not allow anyone to threaten this existence whatever the results.

“Iran is trying to use Assad’s forces and militias to maintain instability between the Russians and the Americans in Deir Ezzor  to keep the spotlight from its sectarian project, which is active in the areas of Deir Ezzor, which aims to consolidate Iranian hegemony over the region and secure the road Tehran Baghdad, Through him.

When asked about the possibility of re-activating the role of the Free Army factions (the Eastern Lions and the commandos of the revolution) through America and its involvement in battles against the forces of Assad and Iran in the southern bank of Deir Ghazur replied: “There is no American intention to revive the role of the eastern lions and revolution Umgur And their effectiveness in the Deralzor equation remains suspended until further notice, especially at this point in which America takes on the role of defender rather than striker.

As for the role of the organization “Dahesh” in the course of the coming events,

“After the end of Operation Afrin, it is expected that the military operations will be intensified by the Syrian democratic forces against an organization calling for an end to its presence in the remaining enclave extending from the borders of the village of Bahra to the Syrian-Iraqi border. On the other hand, I believe that Iran and the Assad regime will continue to use the organization To destabilize the (Russian-US) stability in the province through the links that link Iran and the Assad regime with a staunch organization. ”

Sub-players are increasingly under-active in the derralzur without changing the rules of the game on the ground in the near future, which seems to be controlled by America and obliges all parties to abide by the terms of the game.
Is continuing to establish bases on the northern bank of the Euphrates of the province of Deir Ezzor, rich in oil and gas wells salute stick to anyone who tries to get closer to their interests, while at the same time Iran is active on the opposite (southern) in the implementation of the sectarian project, taking advantage of the instability that is striving to continue between The Russian and American Pole in Deir Ezzor.

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