A great danger threatens the lives of more than 15 thousand civilians in the villages controlled by Daesh

Written by D24

Catastrophic living conditions for the civilians trapped in the few villages controlled by Daesh in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

According to D24 correspondent, approximately 15,000 civilians in that area are now only 300 meters away from the Assad forces’ areas of control due to the battles led by the International Coalition and the SDF.

He added:

Civilians are suffering from a severe shortage of food, where bread is completely missing and they have only few canned food to live on, and drinking water is not available, and people use some old tanks.

The network correspondent confirmed that the houses in Al-Baghuz town and the villages of Al-Marashdah and Al-Safafnah are crowded with civilians who want to flee the inevitable death, and that they take turns to sleep because there aren’t enough places for all of these numbers of people, and they have no way to survive after the SDF had closed all the way out and refused to receive them and secure a safe passage for them.

It is indicated that more than 20 civilians were killed yesterday in an airstrike by an aircraft believed to belong to the Coalition targeted Al-Baghuz Tahtani village, and such massacres are expected to reoccur unless safety measures are taken by the International Coalition and the SDF to save the lives of the besieged civilians.