A group of SDF fighters flexed their muscles against a woman and her toddler in rural Deir Ezzor and raped her.

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I wished God had blew up the earth beneath me, I could not do nothing, but keeping silent.


With this statement a woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, began telling us her story with a group of SDF fighters in the village of Abu Fass in the countryside of Deir Ezzor.


She says: “After the SDF captured our village from Daesh, we had hopes that life would be restored again. However, the SDF are not different from the organization. I live in that village with my children and husband, who is now working in Lebanon to secure our daily needs.

On Thursday, 25  May, 2017, I was inside my house when a red pickup car stopped near it. Then, two armed men, one was blonde and short with a tiny beard, and the other was tall, whose face I could see, but I remember that he was dark skinned. They knocked the door. And I opened it as I was shaking in my shoes. After that, they told me that they were from the intelligence office of the SDF, and asked me about my husband. I said to them that he was working in Lebanon. They did not believe me and accused me of lying. They told me, using a harsh language, that my husband was a Daesh affiliate operating in the village of Markadah in rural Al-Hasakah.


I continued to repeat that he was in Lebanon. But, they told me that either, me or the second wife of my husband, must accompany them to finish the interrogation. I rejected their demand by saying that there were only women and children in my house, so it was impossible to go with them. As a result, they threatened me with weapons, and arrested me and my toddler, whom I was carrying between my arms. They blindfolded me and forced me to get in the car, and in this moment, I heard one of them calling his friend ‘Ibrahim’ or ‘Burhan’. Because of the fear I was going through, I could not concentrate well.


They drove the car for a while before they stopped in an area located in my region named ‘Kharabat Tahunah’. Next, they resumed their interrogation by making more accusations against my husband, which I kept denying over and over. They brought some papers and ordered me to sign them. But, when I asked about the nature of those papers, I was told that they were evidences pointing out that my husband was indeed a Daesh affiliate. After that, we heard sounds which pushed one of them to go outside to verify what was going. After returning he said that there were some herders and other people in the area, adding that they should change their location for they could not do anything.

His friend rejected his suggestion, and took my child from between my arms and put him on the floor. Then, he directed his rifle towards me, saying that they would kill me, if I did not listen to their orders.


The woman told us that ‘I preferred the death of my child over my honor. But, they beat me with their weapons in my head and raped me.”


‘I wish I had died so that I do not continue to live in this situation. My heart is broken and my soul is destroyed and the screaming of my child increases my sadness.”

After being raped, they threw the woman and her child nearby her house, and threatened her with severe consequences if she speaks about the incident.

She stated that, ‘ I feel like this life has become meaningless now, and that the honor which we preserved for years collapsed in few hours because of those armed men. I will not forget what happened to me, I will not forget that tough moment.”


She added, ‘I become afraid and start shaking whenever a military vehicle passes by my house because it reminds me of the incident. There is no security now. Those military men are supposed to help and protect us. Unfortunately, they are predators just like Daesh.”


She finished the interview by saying “ I keep in the Creator’s hands for He will ..


When we spoke with the husband of the victim, whose soul was broken and eyes were flooded with tears, he said that ‘when I returned from Lebanon, I was told about the incident by my wife. What are my faults and sins so that those predators do something like that to my wife. I am poor and I travel for a long distance to secure bread for my children. I will not forgive this. We had lived under the rule of Daesh and now we are paying the price of the so-called liberation with our honor and dignity. This is unacceptable.”