A horrific massacre is committed in Al-Baghuz Tahtani … and the victims are more than twenty civilians until now

Written by D24

Today, Friday, unidentified aircraft committed a horrific massacre in Al-Baghuz Tahtani town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, killing more than 20 civilians, according to Deir Ezzor 24 Network correspondent.

The correspondent confirmed that the names that have been documented so far are: ( Ahmad Jassim Al-Mu’i and his family, Yousef Jassim Al-Mu’i, his wife, his children, his sister-in-law, Yousef Al-Jassim and his family, Asmaa’ Al-Mu’i, Abd Al-Ghani Al-Mu’i, Omar Al-Ahmad, and others who have not been identified until now ).

And according to our correspondent, unidentified aircraft targeted the civilians while trying to flee from areas under Daesh control to other side under the SDF control.

He added that there are bodies that have not yet been identified, and the number of victims is expected to rise, as there are some wounded in critical condition.

It is noteworthy that the targeted area is a theatre of operations for the International Coalition as well as the Iraqi forces which every now and then bombard Daesh areas, and so far no one has claimed responsibility for the latest strikes with informal accusations of the Coalition’s responsibility for the massacre.