A massacre in Al-Kashkiyah town committed by the Coalition

Written by D24

Last night, the International Coalition massacred a whole family in Al-Kashkiyah town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

In the details, a military force of 10 vehicles, including American Hummers protected by the Coalition aircraft, raided the House of “Salem Hameed Al-Haroubi” in Al-Sheifiyah neighbourhood in Al-Kashkiyah town, Salem’s house is located next to the houses of “Ali Al-Khleif Al-Gatmir” who is wanted and his brothers by Daesh, and as the patrol was exchanging fire with Salem, the sons of Khleif Al-Gatmir thought that the shooting was caused by an attack by Daesh cells therefore they opened fire at the attacking force, whereupon the accompanying Coalition aircraft fired rockets against the house of Ali Khleif Al-Gatmir, killing 11 civilians including women and children.

It is worth mentioning that such an incident has been repeated more than once in several areas of the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, where the International Coalition and the SDF have been using Hummers accompanied by Apache helicopters in individual arrests, which spread horror among the peaceful civilians.

The victims’ names:

Hammoud Al-Hussein Al-Saleh

Hammoud Al-Ghadir Al-Saleh

Hussain Khleif Al-Gatmir

Abd Al-Khleif Al-Gatmir

Abdul Hameed Hassan Al-Buqes

Ali Al-Gatmir’s wife

Amshah Al-Oubeid Al-Saleh

4 children’ names are not yet known.