A number of detainees have been released from the SDF prisons in the past two days

Written by D24

D24 network correspondent said that today and yesterday, the SDF released several detainees in the northern Deir Ezzor countryside.

Our correspondent confirmed that the release included Arab SDF elements, as well as detainees who had been arbitrarily arrested.

Local sources said that some of the detainees had paid huge sums of money to SDF leaders in order to be released.

The names of some of those who were released from the SDF prisons:

– “Kamel al-Gharib” from Al-Hariji village.

-From Abu Naytal village :

– Saeed al-Dahal

– Heeyaf Saleh Al Harbi 

– Muhammad Ettish al-Hasan

– Abdallah Alghalis

-From Al-Harijiyah village :

– Hasan Abdullah al-Hakim

– Ahmed Al-Alawi al-Hakim

– Hamid Awwad al-Arran

– Ahmed Khalaf al-Arran

– Ali Khalaf al-Arran

– Hassan Hussein Al-Arran

– Hamid Hawwash al-Mufdhi

– Khalil Al-Hammadi

In addition to other detainees who were also released in Al-Suwar town, al-Faraj and eastern Gharibah villages, and other areas.