A rapid collapse for Daesh in Deir Ezzor countryside and its foreign elements surrender themselves.

Written by D24

During the ongoing battles between Daesh and the SDF in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, some of Daesh foreign fighters surrendered themselves to the SDF near Ash-Shafah town.

On the 6th and 7th of this month January, eight of Daesh fighters surrendered themselves to the SDF after tightening the grip on them in the last pocket, in which the organisation holed up near the Syrian-Iraqi border

And the fighters belong to different nationalities: (Russia, Ukraine, United States of America, Germany, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan),

and they are:

-Farhad Karov, named “Abu Bilal Uzbeki”, 28 years old, from Uzbekistan.

-Adel Rahimov, named “Abu Amin Uzbeki”, 58 years old, from Uzbekistan.

– Mohammed Dolat, named “Abu Musab Tajiki”, 22 years old, from Tajikistan.

-Lucas Ghallab, named “Abu Ibrahim Al-Almani”, 31, Germany.

-Satbek Ushibaf, named “Abu Rukiya”, 30, Kazakhstan.

-Askar Zarmanbatov, named “Abu Dawood Tukha”, 27, Ukraine.

– The child of Soliy Noh Su, named “Abu Suliyman Al-Ameriqi”, 16, America.

– Bemurzev Pikjan, named “Abu Sara”, 30, Russia.

It noteworthy that this is the second surrender of its kind by elements from Daesh within a week, as five elements surrounded themselves to the SDF on the first of this month,

and they are:

1– Warren Christopher Clark alias (Abu Muhammed Al-Amriqi) from the state of Houston – United States of America.

2- Alexander Rossimatović from Dublin-Ireland.

3- Zeid Abdulhamid, alias “Abu Zeid Al-Amriqi”, from the United States of America.

4- Fadhel Ar-Rahman Jad, alias “Abu Anaam Al-Muhajir”, Lahore-Pakistan.

5- Abdelazim Ratchut, alias “Abu Omar Al-Pakistani”, from Sialkot, Pakistan.