A trip to London and Paris …. A youth from Deir Ezzor excels in school, and Berlin honors him

Written by D24

D24 exclusive:

The young man Ahmad Mamoon al-Hamid, born in Muhassan city in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside in 2001, won the first place in his school in Germany.

D24 network had a dialogue with the youth Ahmed, about his success in his school “Realschule Plus”, and about how he managed to integrate in the German education.

Al-Hamid said that he escaped from the Assad regime’s criminality to Turkey in 2015, and then began his journey to Germany, which al-Hamid described as arduous, tiring and dangerous, as it was across the sea.

Al-Hamid added that following his arrival in Germany, the language was an obstacle to continue his education, but he was able to overcome it in six months, which enabled him to start learning.

Al-Hamid pointed out that his relationship with German youths was useful for learning the German language and overcoming the difficulties he had encountered, noting that his German friends played a big role in helping him learn the German language.

The youth Ahmad al-Hamid said that what has been happening in Syria is a strong motivation for success, and contribution to the reconstruction of Syria, free from terrorism and from the Assad regime, who displaced al-Hamid, his family and millions of Syrians.

He added that his mother and father had a big role in motivating him during the beginning of his learning, and that he would not have had such success without their support.

Al-Hamid called on the young Syrians in the countries of asylum to continue their education, where nations reach civilization by knowledge and education, and that Syria will depend on them in the future to build the country and restore its civilization.

Al-Hamid was honored by his school with a sum of money, and a tour to Britain and France, at the expense of the German government.

The young man Ahmad dedicated his success to the Syrian revolution, to freedom seekers around the world, and to the martyrs of the Syrian revolution in all over Syria.

Ahmed thanked the German government and the German people for the assistance they had provided to the Syrian refugees in Germany, saying that the German government had provided him with everything he needed in his journey of success.