A woman dies during childbirth due to the SDF’s neglect of the IDPs from Al-Baghuz town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside

Very harsh conditions are suffered by the people of Deir Ezzor who were displaced from Al-Baghuz to Al-Suwar temporary camp set up by the SDF.

The camp houses more than 1,000 displaced people who were gathered by the SDF in just 4 large tents, where these tents lack the most basic necessities of life, no bedding or blankets for the IDPs, and no medical points.

D24 correspondent said:

“A woman from Deir Ezzor died yesterday during childbirth as a result of not being hospitalized in the absence of medical service in the temporary camp in Al-Suwar area.”

He added:

The deteriorating situation of the camp has its effect on children in particular, where the health situation of a large number of children has deteriorated as a result of malnourishment due to lack of food in the camp, which forced those responsible for the camp by the SDF to take five children today to hospitals outside the camp.

There is a complete absence of all the services that must be provided to people displaced from areas that were under siege for several months, in addition to the SDF’s neglect of the suffering of the displaced people in the harsh cold and lack of heating or blankets, as well as the scarcity of food and drink and the complete lack of medicine and medical services.

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