A young man from Deir Ezzor takes the first place in the Taekwondo Championship in Germany

The people of Deir Ezzor continue to prove themselves, doing incredible numbers in various fields in the diaspora, where they have achieved excellence and advanced positions in the different challenges they have faced.

“Omar Al-Searen”, from Al-Mayadeen city in Deir Ezzor won the first place in the Taekwondo Championship held in the German state of Eckern förde, for the ages 18-67.

Al-Searen is 18 years old. He arrived in Germany a few years ago with the convoys of refugees who migrated to Europe to escape the tragic situation in Syria, and since his arrival, the young Omar Al-Searen started practicing the sport he loves “Taekwondo” and trained with local clubs until he was able to participate in the championship held last year in the German state of Hamburge, where he won the second place, then he re-participated this year and took the first place in the wado cup championship held in the German state of Eckernförd.

It is worth mentioning that teams from different countries such as The Netherlands, Denimark, Pakistan, France, Germany, India, Sweden and other countries participated in the championship, whose first place was won by The son of Deir Ezzor province “Omar Al-Searen”.

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