After being given delusional promises that they would operate in their region, Assad regime deploy recruits from Deir Ezzour to the front lines in Eastern Ghuta

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Assad regime is exploiting the tough living conditions of the population in Deir Ezzour by recruiting them into the ranks of its militias in exchange of allowing their return to their homes, which must be preceded by a reconciliation agreement in which thy confess that they are the guilty. Around a week ago, the regime transported dozens of recruits from Deir Ezzor to the front of Eastern Ghuta in rural Damascus, although the recruits had been promised to operate in their local region. This is a clear sign that Assad cannot be trusted and that he is always breaking his promises. In addition, the tribal leaders who guarantee to the local people that they will stay in the province are nothing but puppet that have no saying over Assad-issued decision. In other news, Assad regime arrested few days ago tens of people whom it had promised that they would return to their homes following fake reconciliation deals.