After The Failure of SDF, The Tribe Of Al-Shaitat Form Committees To Protect Their Areas

Written by deirezzor24

The people of Al-Shaitat tribe held a meeting in their areas in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor in order to establish a guard units to protect their villages and counter the ongoing state of insecurity. They have announced that their main objectice is to only protect their areas and not engage in direct fighting against Daesh.

In the same context, the people of the Kashkiyah and Abu Hammam have demanded their mayor count the number of non-local families living in the two towns to ensure they are not involved with any organization or drug trafficking. In addition, they must provide a local guarantor who will be responsible of any violations they carry out and ensure their protection from armed robberies and abuses.

The eastern countryside is witnessing a state of instability and the spread of drug, which many local civilians see as a serious threat to their areas.