Al-Abra group …. who is it??

Written by D24

It is an organized clandestine group consisting of elements from Daesh-linked cells, and most of its elements belong to the organization’s security office in the badiyah.

It was formed from groups after the dissolution of Al-Rikaz (Ore) and the security offices.

It was joined by fighters in the SDF-held areas and some elements who left Al-Baghuz town.

“Al-Abra” group is one of the most dangerous groups in the SDF-held territory, its elements were formerly known as the security elements in the eastern badiyah.

Al-Abra cells are scattered near the oil fields and the northern eastern badiyah, where they carried out several assassinations in the eastern and northern countryside.

Some of its leaders were killed in the coalition airstrikes on areas previously controlled by Daesh and during fighting in the badiyah.

One of its leaders is Abu Al-Baraa Al-Iraqi, who was killed in a landing operation by the Coalition in “Al-Hilwah” village.

Abu-Islam Al-Kubeisi, Abu Juneid Al-Iraqi and Abu Aiysha Al-Iraqi are also some of the main leaders of the group.

It is noteworthy that Al-Abra Group coordinates with other groups in the badiyah and in the SDF-held areas.