Al Bukamal … A great destruction and lack of basic necessities of life

Written by D24

D 24 has obtained exclusive information confirming that Assad’s forces and the councils he established in Al-Bukamal city in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside have not rehabilitated the city and have not restored services to the city’s neighborhoods.

According to special sources for D 24, the Assad regime has not removed the ruins from the city’s neighborhoods, and has not yet rehabilitated the markets destroyed by the shelling on the city during Daesh control.

The sources noted that the Assad regime’s calls for the return of the people to Al-Bukamal, so far, have not been heeded, as there are entire neighbourhoods occupied by fighters from different militias who refused to leave civilians’ homes.

The sources added that the Assad regime forced the shopkeepers whose shops haven’t been damaged by the military operations to paint their shops front with the flag of the Assad regime.

With regard to Al-Bukamal medical sector, the medical centres and hospitals suffer from a lack of medical staff, as well as a great shortage of medical equipment and lack of medicines.

In the same context, the city’s only bakery is very crowded, with a scarcity of flour, so people wait for long hours to get some bread.

And the Iraqi and Iranian militias control the city of Al-Bukamal, and have been recently seeking to recruit the sons of Al-Bukamal into their ranks, through material benefits.

It is noteworthy that the Assad’s forces took control of Al-Bukamal city in late 2017, but so far it has not rehabilitated the city, which was destroyed in the war.