Al-Mayadeen, calling for Shi’ism at the mosques gates

Written by D24

Worshippers from Al-Mayadeen city were surprised today while they were leaving the mosque after Friday prayers that there were a number of people at the mosques gates calling them to “Baiyyat Alulbayt”, to follow the prophet Muhammad’s family, and encouraging them to join the Shiite faith.

D24 correspondent in the area said:

“The people who were at the mosques gate in Al-Mayadeen and called for conversion to Shi’ism are locals from the area.”

He added:

“This phenomenon is the first of its kind in the region, as the call for the conversion to the Shiite faith was out in the open, in the hearing and the sight of crowds of worshippers,”

And also several Iranian activities have been noted recently in the region, military activities such as the military presence near the second station in Al-Bukamal, and religious activities such as the calling for Shi’ism through Husseiniyyas and the newly established Shiite centers, the controlling of visitors activities to “Ain Ali” shrine in the badiyah of Mahkan, and the spreading of shi’ism by invading areas ideologically through seminars, educational activities, and relief organizations.

It’s noteworthy that Iranian activity in Deir Ezzor has increased noticeably since the Assad’s forces and the Iranian militias took control over Deir Ezzor in late 2017.