Al-Suwar town lives in total darkness

Written by D24

The civilians in Al-Suwar town have been living in total darkness for almost a month as the giant electricity generators stopped working after the SDF had stopped providing their owners with subsidized diesel fuel, according to D24 correspondent.

The SDF deprived Al-Suwar town of diesel fuel and moved the distribution center to Al-Sabha village.

The price of one barrel of the subsidized diesel fuel is 12,000 Syrian pounds, 55 pounds per one litre, and it is good for using in electricity generators.

While the price of diesel in the areas of the burners (basic means to refine oil) is 30 thousand pounds for one barrel.

According to a number of people in the region, the subsidized diesel in Sadcup petrol station north of Deir Ezzor is still monopolised by some personalities, and is stolen on the open after depriving all the towns of it.