An American-Saudi meeting is held in Deir Ezzor

Written by D24

Today, Thursday – 13-6-2019, a meeting of some US officials and a Saudi delegation, as well as leaders from the SDF, was held in Al-Omar oil field in Deir Ezzor.

The meeting was attended by US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Levant affairs Joel Rayburn, Ambassador William Rubak, the Saudi minister for Gulf Affairs Thamer Al-Sabhan, and the Co-Chairpersons of the civil administration in Deir Ezzor Ghassan Al-yousef and Layla el-Hassan, In addition to some of the Arab elders in the region, according to media pages of the SDF.

The meeting addressed the mechanism to support the liberated areas to ensure that Daesh or other threats would not threat the region again, and to support all Syrian components in northern and eastern Syria, as well as to find a mechanism for political, economic, service and security support for Deir Ezzor, according to media platforms of the SDF.