An Iraqi Military Force Entered Syria and Captured ‘Saddam Al Jamal’, Daesh governor of Deir Ezzor

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An Iraqi security source told “Daraj” that “an Iraqi force entered up to thirty kilometers inside Syrian territory and ambushed the leaders of the important organization of the Islamic state,” urged “and arrested five of them. Among those arrested were Wali al-Zour, Saddam al-Jamal, a Syrian national, and Dr. Ismail al-Ithawi (Iraqi), who is responsible for preparing educational curricula in schools under the control of the organization; Abu Hafs, In addition to Abu Saif al-Shu’aiti, a member of the Shua’at tribe, in which the organization had carried out a massacre in which about 1,000 of its children were killed. ”

The source confirmed that the Iraqi force entered the area under the control of “Daash”, not under the control of the regular army or any other force. The area to which the leaders were invited is the Hybrids area east of the Euphrates River. He confirmed that they were arrested without any resistance by them, and that the force returned to Iraq and accompanied them, and in the preliminary investigations with them, Iraqi forces were able to identify a camp for “Daash” inside the Syrian territory as well, so the Iraqi aircraft bombed immediately.

The Iraqi security source described Saddam al-Jamal as the most prominent leaders of the Syrian “Da’ash”, who participated in fighting in most of the Iraqi regions in addition to Syria. The “drawer” published an investigation into the biography of Saddam al-Jamal and his transfer from the Free Army to the front, “Nasra” and to the organization “Daash.”

A Syrian tribal source from Deir al-Zour is likely that the operation took place after the camel decided to surrender itself. The tribal channels negotiated with the Iraqi authorities. The sources pointed to the possibility that Amir Deir al-Zour had colluded with the leaders in Da’ash, That the deal has made promises of Iraqi security to Saddam al-Jamal for the extradition of his colleagues. What strengthens this possibility is that the operation was carried out without firing a single bullet, as confirmed by the Iraqi source of “drawer”. The area that witnessed the operation is a desert free of the population and any other military force, which is considered to be under the control of the organization.

The Iraqi security source pointed out that the camel had intended to participate in the battles in Mosul, but the organization saw his appointment as mayor of Deir al-Zour because of its relations with the tribes and the management of the post-Mosul in Syria. Which is important for Iraq because of its influence in a number of cities that participated in the fighting in Kheit, Ramadi and Bu Kamal.

Iraq announced the entry of a military force into the Syrian territory and its implementation, followed by an air strike that came after the Iraqi government announced a week ago that it intended to enter Syrian territory and carry out operations against the “Da’ash” in it, which did not react negatively or welcome from the Syrian government, Considered the role of the international coalition forces in fighting “calling” in the Syrian territory occupation, and the same withdrew on the position of the regime from the entry of Turkish troops to the city of Afrin.

Observers asked whether the Iraqi declaration marked the beginning of a different phase of the policy of open borders between Iraq and Syria, which is a policy applied in practice, but it is noteworthy here that there is a desire to devote them, especially with Syria’s expected wars on its various borders, Israel.

The arrest of Saddam al-Jamal may be a test of this stage. There is no doubt that the arrest of the man is a security achievement, but there is no doubt also the desire to open the border for those who want more achievements.