Assad’s forces arrested three children and released them after their families paid a ransom

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Yesterday, Assad’s forces detained three children in Al-Shaheel town, displaced civilians from Al Bukamal, while they were swimming in the Euphrates River, and they demanded a ransom for their release.

Samer, a local from Al Shaheel, told D24 that the children were swimming in the river from the Shaheel side, which is controlled by SDF, and once they reached the Buqruss tow, controlled by Assad’s forces, they were threatened to surrender themselves or they would be shot dead.”

He added, ‘Then, the children continue swimming towards the town. After that, Assad’s forces arrested them. Their elder brother has appealed to Assad’s forces to release his brothers, but the latter refused unless he pays them a ransom of 1 million SYP.”


The people of Al Shaheel collected the ransom and sent it, via a mediator, to the Assad’s forces, and then the children were released.