Cargo planes airdrop new aid shipments over besieged areas of Deir Ezzor city

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Cargo planes airdropped three aid shipments over the Assad-regime held areas of Deir Ezzor on Sunday, which were immediately collected and transported by Assad forces once they landed on the ground.



Each of the first and second batches consisted of eight parachutes whilst the third batch contained ten parachutes. The air-dropped shipments contained food and a portion of them were intended to reach the Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch of Deir Ezzor which recently managed to receive its share while the rest of the supplies have remained in the hands of the Assad until now as the delivery of shipments landed directly near Brigade 137.


The Assad-regime had previously controlled the possession of  humanitarian aid airdropped by the Red Cross in Deir Ezzor and had then distributed it to  their forces and militiamen stationed on the frontlines in the province, even though the humanitarian aid WAS meant to reach besieged civilians in the city.