Clashes break out between Thuwar Al-Raqqa and SDF in Al-Raqqa city

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A state of tension dominated Al-Barazi roundabout area in the north of Al-Raqqa on Sunday, where Thuwar Al-Raqqa faction clashes with the SDF.

According to a Raqqa24 correspondent, the motives behind the clashes were due to the SDF’ raiding the house of a commander of the aforesaid faction known as ‘Abu Awad’ nearby Al-Barazi roundabout.  The correspondent added that the SDF also targeted some civilian houses close to the Agricultural Bank using machine guns, which was in connection with a protest in Al Ramilah neighbourhood which demanded the departure of SDF from the city, which is the first of its kind in the city.


Some Coalition personnel has headed to the roundabout in an attempt to settle the dispute between both sides.


Public outrage has been ongoing in Al Raqqa city in response to SDF forced conscription that is targeting the local youths.