Cooperation between SDF and Iraqi Popular Mobilization is due to common interests despite the enmity between their backers

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At the beginning of May, a source in SDF announced the establishment of a joint operations room with the Iraqi Popular Mobilization militia, marking a significant development in military operations and political positions. Although both sides were established under the pretext of combating terrorism, each has its own subordination and agenda. Iran and its Iranian Revolutionary Guard support the Iraqi militia through their proxy leader, Hadi al-Ameri, Iran’s man in Iraq. On the other hand, the Americans support the SDF in Syria . They both justified the formation of the operations on the pretense that they will help eradicate Daesh presence along Syria-Iraq border.

Daesh is located in several villages, notably Tal al-Shayer and Al-Dashish, which have recently been under Iraqi warplanes airstrikes. The Iraqi Prime Minister’s had issued orders to bomb Tal Al-Shayer hill, causing a civilian massacre. The Iraqi army also targeted several times the same area.


The t cooperation between SDF and the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and the Iraqi forces is manifested in the latter recent artillery support for advancing SDF fighters who were attacking Al Baghuz village, which is the last Daesh main stronghold along the Iraqi border north of the Euphrates River.

, through control, was able to besiege the remnants of an organization calling on three sides, where the clashes are now on the outskirts of a hybrid city on the west and on the outskirts of the Sousse from the east, while Qdd almost completely control of the Iraqi-Syrian border, cooperation, which described the tactical Between the enemy and the militia of the crowd is establishing a permanent state and American satisfaction is what is shown at the end of military operations, especially if we know that this agreement is more than supported by the reasons, the relationship with the Kurds are tense in Iraq and the tension of US-Iranian relations will negatively affect that coordination, To A temporary horizon created by the intersection of interests between the parties, what are the reasons for the satisfaction of both parties for this coordination?


The Americans see in this coordination the lifting of some of the burden imposed on the body on the ground and investment of what the crowd in Iraq as well as a pressure on Iran through the investment of the crowd for its interest in clearing the Iraqi-Syrian border, while the Iranians believe the presence of the crowd in an area controlled by the Americans You will benefit them in the coming days.


This coordination comes after the change in the strategy of the organization in fighting the organization, which turned from direct clashes within the villages to neutralize the location of the presence of elements and then besieged siege and exhaustion in the siege and control, which explains the need for a number of elements extends to long lines of engagement, Through the arrest and incarceration of young civilians in combat zones and the imposition of compulsory recruitment in their areas of control.

In addition to its strategy of combat, it has shifted from direct confrontation, which requires a number of trained personnel to combat, and in light of the numerical shortage of elements of the organization, which is based on delaying the advance of forces through mines, booby traps and ambushes. And then rhythm in an ambush is predetermined, which is what happened in the city of a hybrid when it advanced to the sanctity and entered some of its neighborhoods to organize a surprise attack and regain those areas and force the fighters to withdraw.

The nature of the geographical area and confined between the hills located on the outskirts of the Badia and between the Euphrates River, and considering that this area the last areas of control advocating the north of the Euphrates River imposed on both sides a certain combat strategy, transforming the battle to a battle of attrition and bone fracture between the two win by those who have better supply lines and the number of fighters The Air Force is also likely to be in awe because of its bombing of the organization’s control areas, causing civilian casualties.

The Coalition’s insistence on ending the battle is met by heavy fighting and depletion by the organization, which makes the date of the end of the fighting linked to the ability of the militia to continue the attack and organize the resistance and drain the opponent