Corruption and nepotism are the pillars of the civil society organizations in Deir Ezzor.

Written by D24

Corruption is permeating the civil society organizations operating in the areas controlled by the Assad’s forces in Deir Ezzor.

Figures aligned with the Assad’s regime dominate these organizations, practicing favoritism and nepotism in selecting their workers, adding to it the extortion which amounts to the extent of compromising people’s “honor” in exchange of giving them a financial assistance, food parcels, or perhaps a temporary job in the organization for a period of three months.

The most important of these organizations is the Syrian Red Crescent in Deir Ezzor, which has become an excellent Shabbiha organization and is working hard to steal and sexually exploit people, and those deeds are done openly in the absence of accountability and deterrence by the Assad regime.

And the World Organization (OXFAM), Deir Ezzor branch, has also become an example of corruption, where all its employees quit work protesting the theft of their salaries for several months by the management members of the Organization, in addition to that, the cars’ owners working for the organization also weren’t paid, to which the management members (Noor Al-Ayish and Ahmad Al-Nasif) replied that the organization had stopped the financial support.

The humanitarian sector in Deir Ezzor has not escaped the cancer of corruption in the country, where the Assad regime was excellent at laying down the rules and principles of the Baath party, spreading bribery, nepotism, favouritism and societal injustice, which increased the inequity and exploitation of the citizens.