Corruption .. Patronage .. Nepotism are the reasons behind the education failure in the areas controlled by the SDF.

Written by D24

D24 exclusive:

Another school year came carrying with it a huge failure in the education system in the areas controlled by the SDF in Deir Ezzor province countryside.

Corruption is eating away at the so-called the SDF’s Ministry of Education due to patronage, nepotism, the lack of qualified teachers and administrators, and the placing of the wrong person in the right place.

The director of the educational complex in Al-Suwar is a graduate of “Music Institute” although the region has many engineers and academics who are more qualified for such a place, and also the lecturer who was appointed by the Education Directorate to lecture mathematics in the Teacher Training Institute in Al-Tahat village in Al-Suwar countryside is a graduate of Law Faculty, noting that most teachers are not chosen in terms of experience or academic qualification but through patronage and personal relationships, as many of the selected teachers are relatives of the Institute director.

Thousands of students have no equipped schools, and the reason is the transformation of the schools into military points, especially schools that have not been bombed or looted.

Adding to which a large number of schools have been transformed into shelters for displaced people.

Some of the schools in the areas controlled by the SDF which are used for teaching, lack basic equipment and supplies such as disks, school textbooks, and heating in winter and even some of them without external walls, while other schools have been provided with everything they require, books, disks and other equipment.

The lack of awareness among parents is one of the main factors of education failure in the villages and towns of Deir Ezzor countryside.

It should be indicated that there are thousands of children who have dropped out of school for many reasons, including: Working to help their families to earn living as the region is hit by poverty, some parents don’t care, the school attendance isn’t supervised, lack of measurements to prevent truancy, and lack of trust among students’ parents in the educational process as the schools have no formal accreditation.