D24 exclusive interview with a commander of the FSA faction Jaysh Assud Sharqiya; Abu Barzan al-Sultani

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After heavy fighting against ISIS yesterday, Jaysh Assud Sharqiya (an FSA faction) managed to take control over a military company called ‘’ Siriyat al-Waar’’ located in the Badiya Desert of Syria.

For more details on the operation carried out by “Jaysh Assud Sharqiya”, D24 has exclusively interviewed a commander of the FSA faction, Abu Barzan.


  1. How long have you been planning for the liberation of the military company, Siriyat al-Waar, in Badiya of Syria?


Abu Barzan: We first received info from our reconnaissance unit about ISIS movements in the region. They told us that the group had withdrawn from Tanf border crossing and positioned itself in the strategic military company called ”Siriyat al-Waar”. Consequently, we launched a sudden violent assault on the group and succeeded after heavy clashes to gain control over the company and its surroundings.


  1. What is Jaysh Aussd Sharqiya opinion on the Kurdish YPG, mainly after its recent progress towards Deir Ezzor?


Abu Barzan: The Kurdish YPG wants to carve out its own state in northern Syria, therefore, we are against any kind of cooperation or coordination with this militia and, at the same time, we announce that we are ready to coordinate operations with any Syrian FSA faction whose main goal is to drive both ISIS and Assad out of Syria.


  1. What would be the role of Albu Kamal city in the liberation of Deir Ezzor? Is it true that it would be the key frontline against ISIS during the coming battles in Deir Ezzor?


Abu Barzan: No doubt, Albu Kamal city is of significant military importance in Deir Ezzor province, but we should keep in mind that ISIS controls a large area that stretches for about 700 km between the Iraqi and Syrian borders, allowing the group to move freely between Syria and Iraq.


  1. What is the role of the Coalition in Jaysh Sharqiya’s military operations? Was it part of the liberation of the military company in Badiya?


Abu Barzan: Concerning the Coalition, It did not intervene during the operation of liberating the military company and there is no coordination between Jaysh Assud Sharqiya and the Coalition.


  1. Is there any political project beside the military operations of Jaysh Assud Sharqiya?


Abu Barzan: We have a full political and administrative project, representatives outside Syria, an administration and military bases in different cities such as: Qalamon ( Rahiba, Jiroud and Nasiriy) and Badiya of Syria ( Badiya of Homs, Badiya Tadmur, Badiya Sham and Badiya Sharqiya).

We have a political project ready to be implemented in Deir Ezzor once the province is liberated from both ISIS and Assad- regime.


  1. Is there any type of coordination between Jaysh Sharqiya and the New Syrian Army?


Abu Barzan: There is no coordination between them and us for the moment. It is a new military faction whose goals remain vague and unknown to us, however, we (Jaysh Sharqiya) are open to coordinate and cooperate with any military faction whose main goal is to force ISIS and Assad-regime out of Syria.


  1. What is your message to Deir Ezzor province?

Abu Barzan: As we have taken control over the military company in Badiya of Syria, the countdown to the liberation of Deir Ezzor has begun. We tell our people that the lions are coming to liberate the province and lift the oppression befalling upon its people.