Daesh kills a civilian in Deir Ezzor and accuses him of working for Assad regime and the SDF

Written by D24

In a statement published on its identifiers, Daesh claimed responsibility for the killing of “Safwan al-Haj Mohammed,” a civilian from Deir Ezzor, on charges of dealing with the intelligence of Assad regime and the SDF, the statement said.

Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent said that “Safwan al-Haj Mohammed”, according to people close to Safwan, is a civilian, who worked for Deir Ezzor civil center, and then moved to work in agriculture, drip irrigation system, and that he had nothing to do with the charges made against him by the organization in its statement.

It is indicated that Daesh cells are active in Deir Ezzor countryside (east of the Euphrates), and carry out killings, robberies and assassinations against the people of Deir Ezzor.