Deir Ezzor… Between the “Syrian Democratic Forces” and “Hashd Al-Furat and Al-Jazeera”

Written by


Firass Allawi – DeirEzzor24

In the absence of any international project for the liberation of Deir Ezzor province, along the lines of what is happening in the Syrian Raqqa and the Iraqi Mosul, and in the light of a major split between the Syrian opposition factions and the Islamic factions of the people of the province, as well as absenting the province by mainstream media, and the rivalry between the activists and the revolutionary elites, Deir Ezzor province is suffering and struggling under the of control of the Assad regime and Daesh, where the two parties share control of the province and are involved with all kinds of siege and unjust killing, arrest and coercive absenting. Even the dream of salvation became enticing people at every moment without regard to the savior faction for them.



After the arrival of “Trump” and the major changes in the international arena, and in the light of the losses suffered by the regime, particularly with regard to the human element of its forces; the regime resorted to clone the Iraqi experience, by creating a parallel force of its forces to back them in the battlefield, and has already succeeded in the formation of many of them and under various names, such as the militia of national defense and similar forces, in addition to militias that carry several names.


US reliance on the militia of Syrian Democratic Forces, which is known as (SDF), as the spearhead in its fight against Daesh, and the international support by warplanes of the US-Coalition in the battles, was the biggest reason for the Assad regime to form a militia under the name of “‘Hashd Al-Furat and Al-Jazeerah”, similar to the Syrian Democratic Forces in terms of structure, and accredited as the regime wanted on the people loyal to the Assad regime in the region, using some of those who call themselves the elders of the province and some tribal clans, who stood from the beginning to the side of the Assad regime in its war against its own people. Assad’s forces wanted through this formation to introduce themselves as partner in the war against terrorism, showing this militia as consisting of the people in the region who truly care about their region, taking advantage of several factors, the most important of the vacuum in the American policy after the arrival of Trump, who said that he does not know the type of the opposition forces backed by his country, and he sees the Assad regime as a partner in the war on terrorism.


Also the wide popular rejection by the people of the provinces of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor to the entry of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which they consider it as another occupation forces similar to Daesh, and may they even prefer to stay under the control of Daesh instead of the entry of those forces, in addition to the state of fatigue, exhaustion, boredom and fear that has been reached by the people of the province under Daesh control.


Therefore, now betting on people’s welcome to these powers, and to convince the public opinion, especially the international, that these forces are from this province that are loyal and willing to liberate their country without regard to being supporters or opponents of the Assad regime.


In looking at the current international circumstances; the Assad regime may succeed in promoting its idea if it was able to achieve several things, the most important is to introduce these forces as a savior and that they are the only alternative in light of the fragmentation of the opposition, especially factions of Deir Ezzor, and to convince the people of the province that the alternative is either Daesh or SDF, and perhaps the Iraqi Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces, and to overcome the problem of shortage of fighters who are under those forces in light of the small number of its supporters in the regime areas especially in the capital Damascus and most of them are fighting among other factions on other fronts. Also the lack of funding in light of the dispersion of its forces, that the Assad regime may resort to make promises to the Russians and the Iranians, and possibly the Chinese, to give them the province rich of oil and underground resources in the event if they assisted or participated to control it.


The step by Assad’s regime and its supporters is dangerous and must be taken at a high level of seriousness, which raises the alarm of the opposition factions especially of Deir Ezzor, where the formation of a force of people from the region may convince the Coalition forces to support it, and therefore the province will return to be controlled by the regime, especially if we realized that such a move could raise the morale of Assad soldiers who are inside the province and contribute in supporting them financially and morally, so the opposition forces must consider this step as a real threat, where they should unite before Deir Ezzor falls as a victim between the hammer of SDF and Popular Mobilization Forces on one hand, and the anvil of Daesh on the other. What is needed by the opposition; is to provide a comprehensive united political military project, has a real vision for the leadership of the province after its liberation, and its management in a comprehensive manner to block the way in front of the militia plans backed by the Assad regime, whether SDF or Hashd Al-Furat and Al-Jazeerah.