Demonstrations take place against the SDF in Al-Shannan village, and the detainees are at the top of the demands

Written by D24

Today, Al-Shannan village in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside witnessed massive demonstrations against the SDF.

In the demonstration, the demonstrators cried and raised banners, demanding the reveal of the detainees’ fate who were arrested by Daesh and their fate is still unknown.

The demands also included the improvement of living conditions of civilians by securing employment and stopping the pressures imposed by the SDF on professionals and shopkeepers through taxing, ordering licenses and closing markets.

It is indicated that several areas of the Deir Ezzor countryside have witnessed repeated demonstrations against the practices of the SDF which are stifling civilians, and on every occasion, people have been demanding to know the fate of Deir Ezzor detainees who were detained by Daesh