Did Daesh Recieve Support from the Coalition and the SDF in their recent attack in Deir Ezzor??

Written by deirezzor24

In the middle of the massive mobilization by the SDF on the last strongholds of the Daesh organization in the eastern suburb of Deir Ezzor (Hajin, Soussah and Ash-sHAFAH) and the corresponding mobilization and readiness by the Da’id fighters, surprised a group of fighters urging the people of the town of Bahra and parts of the town of Granje The control of the Kdd in the streets of the towns mentioned.

According to the correspondent of Deiralzur 24 groups of the organization has urged the number of vehicles to about 100 cars and 20 motorcycles at dawn on Saturday, November 24, 2018 to enter the town of Bahra and parts of the town of Granning by the Sea.

According to our correspondent, the groups entered the areas suddenly to the people without any clashes with the fighters of Qusd, and without an objection from the International Aviation Alliance as the entry of groups of Daqash to the region with the presence of two helicopters of the alliance in the skies of the two towns.

“The goal of the da’is groups to enter the sea and Granig is to shop and secure some foodstuffs and return them to their areas of hybrids, salsa and flora, due to the hunger and lack of food in the areas of control of the organization as a result of the siege imposed by Before the forces of Qusd and the International Alliance “

It is noteworthy that the sudden incursion of the organization in the densely populated areas of the Bahra and Granig led to the spread of a state of turmoil and terror among civilians resulted in a mass displacement of the people of the town of Bahra and the corresponding part of the town of Granig.