Dozens of the SDF elements are killed in an attack against Daesh in Al-Baghuz

Written by D24

The fighting in Al-Baghuz between the SDF and elements from Daesh continues.

Small groups of the organization are holed up in the form of gangs in pre-prepared tunnels in Al-Baghuz town.

As a result of the resumption of fighting between the organization and the SDF, almost 20 fighters of the SDF were killed yesterday and a large number were injured during an attack by the so-called Al-Qawader (cadres) forces, which include only Kurdish elements, and the group also lost some weapons and ammunition which were seized by Daesh fighters.

It is noteworthy that the “cadres” group has prevented all factions from the Arab component from participating in the battle.

The international coalition warplanes participated in the attack by the “cadres” and carried out approximately 9 strikes on the tunnel site where Daesh is holed up.