Dozens of young men are arrested in Al-Shaitat at dawn this morning in a raid by the SDF

A civilian was killed and dozens of Al-Kashkiyah town’s people were arrested in Al-Shaitat area in a campaign of arrests and raids carried out by a military force of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) backed by the international coalition helicopters at dawn this morning, Saturday 28-7-2019, local sources said.

Sources told Deir Ezzor 24 that a military force consisting of twenty military vehicles surrounded al-Sabkha neighborhood in Al-Kashkiyah town at the early hours of dawn, raided many houses in the neighborhood and arrested dozens of young men who were found in possession of weapons.

The sources added that the young man “Fadi Diban Huber al-Nayef” was killed during the operation, after he came out of his house with his weapon to investigate what is going on in the area.

The names of some of those arrested during the operation:

1- Muhammad Buniya Al-Dhiyya

2- Hussein Abdul Wahab Al-Dhiyyaf

3- Ahmad Abdul Wahab Al-Dhiyyaf

4- Khaled Al-Hasan Al-Kreidy

5- Jassim al-Qatmir and his childrenIdrees

6- Ahmad Amin Al-Ghadeer

7- Adnan Ahmad Amin Al-Ghadeer

8- Zakaria al-Sultan Al-Shleili

9- Muwaffaq al-Fadhl Al-Shalakh

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