Education in the SDF-held areas of Deir Ezzor is between the clutches of corruption and the danger of collapse

Written by D24

The educational process, in a large number of villages and towns of Deir Ezzor countryside which are controlled by the SDF, is plagued by many practices and measures related to corruption and nepotism, that greatly and directly threaten it.

Financial and administrative corruption permeates the educational process in the region to the extent that the salaries of teachers have been delayed for more than five months, which negatively affected the educational process in the parts of Deir Ezzor countryside that is controlled by the SDF.

Sources from Ash-Shahil town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside told D24 that nearly 30 teachers from Ash-Shahil have not been paid their wages for 5 months, due to the SDF officials’ indifference regarding paying the teachers’ salaries as well as the negligence on the part of the officials of the Education Department or the Education Directorate, as it is called.

A teacher from Ash-Shahil, who requested to remain unnamed, told D24 network:

“Corruption has hit the education in Deir Ezzor on all sides, and apart from the unjustified delay in disbursement of the salaries, the education is led by incompetent people, and this reflects the similarity between the Assad regime and the practices of the SDF, where most of the administrators in the educational complex are not specialists and most of them have only secondary education and got the job through nepotism or favoritism, while a large number of university graduates are without jobs because they do not have the relationships that help them to get a job in the schools or the educational complexes,”

he continued:

“I know many of those who are appointed in the schools, they have no experience in education, and they are appointed on the basis of secondary education certificates, which directly and negatively affects the students who have already missed a lot of education due to the absence of education during the previous stages,”

he concluded:

“Teachers have called on all those concerned to intervene quickly to solve the problem of the salary arrears and to take actions so that this will not be repeated because the salaries paid to teachers are their only source of income, and also they called on the SDF officials to monitor education and choose the right people to manage the Educational departments, which will help to reform the educational situation in the schools to move on from the deteriorating situation that it is going through.”

It is noteworthy that education has recently returned to the villages and towns of Deir Ezzor countryside which are under the control of the SDF after years of interruption as it had been prevented by Daesh and Jabhat Al-Nusra in the past five years.