He came out of his house to see what was going on and he was killed with his sons .. victims of Ash-Shahil massacre

Written by D24

Haji Khleif Al-Abdullah Al-Othman, did not know that the death was waiting for him at his door when he was killed by a bullet from a helicopter after he came out to know why it was hovering over his house.

After hearing sounds of helicopters and cars outside his house, Haji Abu Awwad came out to investigate what these sounds were, and once he got out of his door, he was shot by a bullet from the helicopter that was covering the operation, after hearing his cry, his son Muhammad came out to see what happened to his father, and he was also shot down over his father, then Ahmed, Muhammad’s brother and Haji Khleif’s son, joined them after taking a bullet ended his life.

The two brothers and their father died in minutes, but they lost their lives without even knowing why they were killed. Both the international coalition and the SDF are the ones who must explain why these civilians were killed in a way other than the pre-packaged charge of being “Daesh elements”, as all those who know these civilians refute such allegations.