Heavy clashes take place between the Iranian militias and the Assad’s intelligence forces … D24 obtains the details

Written by D24

D24 exclusive:

Late last night, Sunday, heavy clashes broke out between Iranian-backed militias on one side and the national defense militia of the Assad regime and military security forces on the other in Al-Bukamal city in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

D24 network correspondent confirmed that clashes involving the use of heavy weapons took place in al-Fayha area in the center of Abu Kamal city east of Deir Ezzor.

According to the correspondent, the clashes spread to al-Maari street in the city, and also other clashes between the two sides took place near the al-Hajjanah station in Al-Bukamal city.

The correspondent indicated that the clashes resulted in deaths and injuries on both sides, and the security was tightened near the medical centers where the wounded of the two parties were taken.

It is indicated that the tension between the Iranian militias and the national defense and the Assad regime’s intelligence services is not new, as the city has witnessed other clashes before, during which there have been deaths and injuries on the two sides.

It is noteworthy that Iran and its militias dominate Al-Bukamal city, as it represents the link between its militias in Syria and those in Iraq.