Humanitarian assistance is stolen by the SDF agents and local councils

Written by D24

Civilians from the northern Deir Ezzor countryside were surprised that some of the contents of the food packages, distributed to them by the local councils of the SDF, were missing.

As there were lists of the items that were supposed to be in every food package, but in all the packages there were no (oil or flour), where every ration must contain 6 liters of oil and 10 kg of flour.

In addition to the unequal distribution of food rations, where the distribution process was characterized by favoritism and nepotism, ignoring many poor people who were deprived of such aid.

It is indicated that all the sectors in Deir Ezzor province that are run by the SDF suffer from rampant corruption, nepotism and bribery, which imposes a challenge and hardship on the civilians of Deir Ezzor in the areas under the control of the SDF.