Individual efforts are made by the people of Hajin to restore schooling to the city which is affected by war.

Written by D24

After the children of Hajin city have been without education for five years, the education process began slowly to return to the city, which has recently recovered from Daesh darkness.

According to D24 correspondent, “In the past few days, two schools were opened in Hajin city to receive the children returning to the city, who have been without education for several years because of Daesh.

He added: “The two schools have been opened voluntary by some teachers of Hajin, not more than 20 teachers, the two school received about 300 students during the past period, and the schools lack the logistical and material resources, and the education in them is based on the experience of the teachers as there are no textbooks or a specific curricula”

Our correspondent continued:
” Most of Hajin schools were entirely or partially destroyed during the battles that took place in the city, and some of the destroyed schools:

1- “Sonbol” Primary School

2- “Siniel” middle school

3- Hajin Boys school

4- “Hajin wasat” school

5- “Hajin Sharq” school

6- “Hajin Gharb” school

7- Female secondary school

8- Agricultural secondary school

9- Industrial secondary school

10- “Islah Gharbi” school

It is worth mentioning that the SDF’s councils and the civil society organizations don’t care about the educational process in Hajin, and the work for the educational process is limited to individual efforts of some people of the city.