Just like Daesh … the National Defense Militia slaughters a family with knives in the badiyah of Al-Mayadeen.

Written by D24

Local sources revealed to D24 network that the National Defense Militia of the Assad regime had executed a shepherd’s family in the badiyah of Al-Mayadeen city in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

According to the sources, the family executed by the National Defense Militia consisted of three men and one woman, who were slaughtered by a knife.

The direct reason for the execution of the family is unknown, and after slaughtering them, the National Defence Militia mutilated their bodies.

D24 network apologizes for not publishing the photos of the family slaughtered with knives, due to the harsh nature of the photos.

It is noteworthy that the National Defense Militia had carried out similar killings during the Assad regime’s control of the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside late in 2017.