New ISIS Sharia sessions in west Deir Ezzor countryside

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ISIS has issued a statement with regard to civilians who were among the nonattendant of its previous Sharia sessions in west Deir Ezzor countryside, stating that it is binding and extremely necessary to join its upcoming sessions.


This comes after the arrest of several civilians at the ISIS checkpoints in west Deir Ezzor countryside on account of not carrying ID cards of ISIS Sharia sessions; the IDs are considered as the only legitimate document of identity recognized by the group.


The organization has also set a deadline of 15 days to join its coming Sharia sessions that will be held in the city of Maadan west Deir Ezzor.



This coincides with a trembling in ISIS military capabilities following the defeat in Palmyra and recent massive gains of SDF and their advances towards Deir Ezzor.