Schools are reopened in cities and towns of Deir Ezzor province after being closed for years under the rule of Daesh

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Many schools have recently been reopened in both Assad and SDF-held areas in Deir Ezzor after being cut off for a long period due to the rule of Daesh. The ministry of education in regime-held areas in western Deir Ezzor have opened around 33 schools for all educational phases, and the number of students who have so far been registered is about 7500. Concerning the eastern countryside, education is grually returning to it.  With regards to SDF-held areas in the northern bank of the Euphrates, SDF-linked Deir Ezzor Civil Council  has recently reopened schools in all cities and towns from which Daesh has been expelled.


The return of education in cities and towns in Deir Ezzor province faces several difficulties, the first of which is the fact that  the level of students have diminished because education has been cut off for a long period, and the second is manifested in the fact that there is a lack of educational staff and the absence of curriculum, mainly in SDF-held areas.


Ali, a teacher in the school of Al Kassrah, stated to D24 that schools need to be reconstructed in order to create the best atmosphere for the students. Some schools are badly damages and some are completely destroyed. Most of the reopened schools do not have doors and windows and students set on the floor during classes.  He added that, ‘We are screening students in SDF-held areas in order to send each one of them to the suitable class. In addition, we do not have a curicculim for the time being.’



There is a severe lack of necessary equipment, staff and other educational items in SDF-held arreas, which is making the launching of education a very hard tast. No foreign organizations have so far intervened to solve the issue. In regard to Assad-held areas, they have the capacity to start education.


Both parties are working to launch education again in the province, but they still ignore the fact that students are in an ugent need of rehabilitarion centers in order to remove Daesh extremist ideas which the organization had planted on their mind before retreating from large swaths of lands in the province.