Scores of SDF fighters are killed and wounded in an attack by Daesh on the Sahjan oil complex

Written by deirezzor24

Yesterday, Daesh sleeper cells attacked a gathering of SDF fighters near the Sayjan oil complex at night, leading to the death and the injury of several of the, in addition to the capture of some other.

On the other hand, the SDF commanders ‘Dahmat’ and ‘Aby Layla’ have committed several human rights violations in Al-Sijr village in the northern countryside, the latest of which was the murder of a civilian.

Dahmat has been beaten several times by the residents of the aforesaid village, which led him to call in coalition airstrikes against the village under the pretext that its residents were ‘pro-Daesh’. Sutoro forces have replaced the Asayesh forces who were stationed in the Sijr village