SDF fighter brutally executes a man with machine gun in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor

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On Monday, activists shared on social media a video that shows a SDF commander brutally executing a man in Deir Ezzor using a heavy machine gun. The man was executed in the town of Al Bahra in eastern Deir Ezzor by SDF commander Zahed Hamad Abdullah, also known as Jakdar. To be more precise he is the commander of Martyr Jakdar Battalion that is affiliated with YPG.

In the video, Jakdar asks SDF fighters to bring a man in order to execute him. He is shown in the video carrying a heavy machine gun and saying ‘this is a revenge for the martyrs Rizan and Mitan’. Then, he starts firing ten bullets at the same time. After that, the body of the executed appears mutilated due to the bullets.


On the other hand, SDF central command expressed their shock over the video and claimed that the executioneers were wearing SSDF uniforms and executed a Daesh prisoner. It also claimed that they will investigate into the matter and held them accountable.

In other news, a civilian named ‘Awad Hamoud Saleh’ was killed by random SDF fire nearby Al Atal roundabout in the town of Al Shaheel in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, which has resulted in a state of tension in the region.