SDF Prevent The People Of Deir Ezzor Province From Moving To Al-Tabqah And Manbej

Written by deirezzor24

SDF have issued a new decision that prevents the people of Deir Ezzor from moving to areas like Al Tabqah and Al Raqqa, as well as Manbej city in the Aleppo eastern countryside.

SDF fighters stationed at the Qawquz checkpoint have prevent every civilian in possession of Deir Ezzor ID from entering Manbej city. On the other hand, they are allowing the entry of those who have residency documents of Al Tabqah and Manbej. CoNcerning the checkpoint at the Tashreen Dam, civilians are prevented from using it and it is restricted to SDF fighters. 

In addition, civilians have expressed discontent with the human rights violations that are being carried out against them at the previously mentioned checkpoints, which include blackmailing them into paying certain amounts of money.

Many people are leaving their homes in the countryside of Deir Ezzor due to unemployment, poverty