Services and living conditions of civilians in Al-Sur region in north of Deir Ezzor

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Al-Sur region is located in the governorate of Deir Ezzor, with a population of 37,552 inhabitants, according to the 2004 census.  Al-Sur consists of a number of villages, including Abu Al-Naitel, Bisitin, Gharibah Sharqia, Hreiki, Hreikia, Hossain, Muwajil, Muwailah, Nabeelah, Rabidah, Ruwayshid, Sur, and Ghariba Gharbia.

The region was liberated by SDF, supported by the International Coalition, in late 2016. It is now managed and administered by the Deir Ezzor Military Council.

1. Health:

The area is experiencing the deterioration of health care since there is no health or emergency center in the area and its villages and the residents are forced to bring their patients to the hospitals of Al-Hassakeh governorate or the neighboring areas.

The spread of many diseases and epidemics, including poliomyelitis, leishmaniasis, smallpox and other skin diseases, due to the spread of garbage and pollution of the atmosphere of the region, which is the result of the oil burners  (basic means to refine oil) which are being used again in the region.

Abu Khaled from the village of Al Muwaylih said: “The children in the area of Al-Sur have not been vaccinated for months, and the parents have difficulties in treating the patients and transferring them to hospitals because of their geographical distance from the towns and villages of the area.”

“Many complaints were submitted to the health committee of the Deir Ezzor Civil Council in order to activate medical points and vaccination campaigns in the areas, but the Council did not show any seriousness towards the issue despite repeated promises,” Abu Khaled added.

2- Education:

About three months ago, the Education Office of the Deir Ezzor Civil Council began opening more than ten schools in all the towns and villages of Sur  130 teachers were employed at different schools, and the number of students enrolled was 2,400.

The educational process in the area suffers from several difficulties, the most important of which is the lack of educational staff, especially those with scientific specialties, in addition to the absence of curricula and the absence of schools that are eligible to receive students.

“The students have been attending school for three months and no curriculum has been distributed. Schools suffer from many problems, including the lack of doors and seats inside them, in addition to the lack of proper toilets,” she said.

The school added that “there is a problem experienced by the teaching staff with the educational office in the Deir al-Azur civil council because of the failure to pay the salary of the first month of the teaching year, and deducted 10,000 pounds from the salary of each teacher, often 50 thousand under the pretext of supporting the displaced people of the city of Afrin.”

3. Security situation:

The security situation in the area and its villages has improved under the control of the Deir Ezzor Military Council. Checkpoints were established inside and outside the area, especially the old Deir Ezzor road, which was the area that experienced  the most robberies.

More recently, more than one cell has been arrested for organizing an organization in the region, which was planning military operations and bombings, and the pictures are spread over a military post to spread security and have a good relationship with the people.

4. Living situation:

All food, food, and vegetables are available in Al-Sur markets, but the population is still going through severe economic situation due to lack of job opportunities and widespread unemployment.

List prices of some food and fuel:

10 kg sugar 3500 SP

6 kg obesity 3000 SP

4 liter oil and 2700 SP

1 liter petrol 175 SP

1 liter diesel fuel 60 SP

1 liter kerosene 100 SP

5. Communications:

There are no mobile phone services in the area, as a result of the exit of towers coverage. The ground telephone service is located in the center of Al-Sur and some towns, while the Deir Ezzor Civil Council rehabilitated all land call centers in the area.

Internet lounges are the sole source of communication for the outside world. The Sur area consists only of two internet cafés, which were opened after obtaining a permit from SDF.
By: Aram Al Husseiniy (AD24 correpondent)