Siege, Bombardment and Hunger Are What being experienced by Civilians In Daesh-Held Pocket

Written by deirezzor24

International coalition aircraft continue to bombard Daesh-controlled areas in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. The raids have killed dozens of civilians. People have been forced to bury their dead in mass graves.

The SDF had announced the opening of a safe passage for the exit of civilians from the areas of Daesh, but it was shortly canceled as the organization attacked them in the Bahrah town.

  As for the humanitarian situation, these areas are subject to a strict blockade. All kind of materials  have been blocked from being supplied into the areas for several months.

A severe wheat crisis began a few days ago, where wheat stocks have been implemented and there are still more than 6 months to grow up the wheat crop they cultivate and medical supplies are almost non-existent.

The SDF  prevent the entry of foodstuffs and medical supplies to the areas of the East of the Euphrates, in an attempt to pressure the organization.

The areas of control of the rural suburb of Deir Ezzor are experiencing  extremely difficult humanitarian conditions, as a result of ongoing fighting in the region.

It is noteworthy that the organization of Daesh controls Hajin city and a number of villages in the east of the Euphrates, and its pocket is subject to daily bombardment of the Coalition  and the Assad forces.