Sources for D24 deny the news that Daesh paid blood money to a family of one of its victims

A relative of the victim “Aassri al-Mutar”, who was killed a few days ago by a Daesh cell, denied the news that Daesh had paid a blood money of 12,000 US dollars and apologized for its crime.

Abu Ahmed said that this story is completely untrue and that the victim’s family were surprised by the spread of this story which they knew nothing about.  

The victim (Aassri al-Mutar) was killed on 15-5-2019 in an attack by Daesh elements on the vegetables market in Darnaj town, where Haj Aassri used to work as a butcher.

It is indicated that Daesh cells are active in the region and every now and then they attack civilians of Deir Ezzor in the near absence of the SDF duty in ensuring the protection of civilians.

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