The Assad regime football team is knocked out the AFC Asian Cup.

Written by D24

The Assad regime football team left the AFC Asian Cup 2019 held in the UAE, after losing to Australia 3-2.

This is the second defeat of the Assad regime’s team, as it lost to Jordan 2-0, and had a scoreless draw with the Palestinian team.

The Assad regime sought to make use of the football team to make gains and to show itself as one that cares about culture and sports.

 The Assad regime’s wanted his team to reach the final round in order to distract its supporters as well as to prove imaginary achievements.

It is indicated that ahead of the Asian Cup in the UAE, which started on the 5th of this month, activists launched a campaign on social media sites, entitled “Barrels team” to call for the boycott of the team.

The campaign has posted photographs of the athletes killed in the Assad forces branches or by the war, as well as photos of athletes who are still in detention.