The Assad regime opens a reconciliation office in Al-Bukamal … And the reconcilers fall in the trap

Written by D24

To complement its recent reconciliation project, the Assad regime has opened a reconciliation and regularization office in Al-Bukamal city in the past few days

Deir Ezzor 24 reporter said:

“The Assad regime chose for this mission locals from Al-Bukamal who are known for their bad reputation, and have a terrible past of being agents and for writing security reports to the Assad regime, including:

– Akram Al-Hudhud
– Shadhan Al-Hayel
– Salah Naseebeh
– Waleed Al-Sahab
– Hashem Oumiyer”

The reporter added: “The office was opened in the main street of Al-Bukamal city, and the Reconciliation Committee tasks are to communicate with the people of Al-Bukamal and its villages and persuade them to return to the Assad regime, and to facilitate all the matters necessary for them and grant them safety and promise them not to be arrested by the security branches or called for reserve duty.”

It is noteworthy that a number of Al-Bukamal men who responded to the deception of the reconciliation committee, were arrested immediately after their return to Al-Bukamal, and some of them were taken for recruitment in the obligatory or the reserve military service.