The Assad’s regime arrests the Shabbih “Haitham Diwani”

Written by D24

The political security branch of the Assad forces in Deir Ezzor arrested the well-known calligrapher “Haitham Diwani”.

“Al-Diwani” works in advertising and has carried out many paintings in Deir Ezzor city beautifying the symbols of the Assad regime, and the most recent of his works is a giant painting of Bashar Al-Assad in the Panorama area.

The calligrapher “Haitham Al-Diwani” was arrested against the background of confessions by “Firass Al-Madhoor” who was arrested earlier by the Political Security Branch and transferred to the Military Security Branch in Deir Ezzor on charges related to fraud, corruption, and dealing with entities “hostile to Syria”.

A source for D24 said that “Haitham Al-Diwani has a history of suspicious practices as he was accused of forgery and fraud in 2009-2010 in cases related to the diesel fuel coupons through which thousands of citizens were swindled,”

The source added:

“After the Assad’s forces and their militias took control of Deir Ezzor city, Al-Diwani was chosen by the Iranian government from among those who visited Iran and received intensive courses.”

It is noteworthy that there is a close relationship, based on the mutuality of interests and wealth accumulation, between “Haitham Al-Diwani” and “Firass Al-Madhoor”, who were subsequently joined by “Da’as Da’as” the head of the State Security Branch in Deir Ezzor, and after Al-Madhoor confessed his involvement with Al-Diwani and Da’as in many cases related to forgery, smuggling, and theft, Al-Diwani was arrested, so will we soon see the Assad regime arresting the Brigadier General “Da’as Da’as” just as Al-Madhoor and Al-Diwani were arrested.